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    Mission Statement

    "Palm Springs High School is committed to preparing all students to be productive, responsible individuals,  and lifelong learners, by providing for their intellectual, personal and career development."

    Palm Springs High School is a four-year comprehensive high school with a diverse student population of 2,100 and over 85 staff members. On a 52 acre site, it is located just 100 miles east of Los Angeles.  The students enjoy a diversity of outdoor activities and intramural sports year-round as the temperature rarely dips  below the sixties. 

    Students, in pursuit of academic excel-lence, have the opportunity to partici- pate in an extended assortment of activi-ties designed to encourage the develop-ment of minds, the search for personal discovery, and growth through creative expression. 

    Having our students consistently achieve at the highest levels of hon-or on annual examinations has been a product of our instructional program. Yearly, we are home to numerous Nation-al Merit Scholars. 

    Since the staff is familiar with the mer-its of advanced planning, we believe that high school is the beginning of a ca-reer. In addition to selecting from elec-tives such as classes designed to introduce students to particular fields, students en- joy the unique opportunity to reach out into the community through a variety of  job-shadowing programs which link the school with the diverse professional re-sources available in this unique location. This program allows students to supple-ment their classroom learning with practi-cal experience and on-site training in all fields ranging from hotel management to the Arts to medicine. Our students flour-ish because they are open to the joys of discovery and are ready to grasp the range of opportunities offered

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