• April 30th, 2019 Minutes

    Posted by Richard Haga on 10/18/2019


    April 30th, 2019


    Palm Springs High School – Richards Center for the Arts

    In attendance were: Brian Hendra, Veronica Silva, Erik Cross, Shawn Kirby, Patricia Warren, Dee Dee Wilson Barton, Gabrielle Gutierrez, Lawna Noble, Patricia Warren

    Absent: Reshae Crawford, Rachel Schoenbeck John Soulliere, Zarah Walter

    Public: Student Ethan Bell, PSHS Counselor Steven Avina

    Handouts: Agenda, Meeting Minutes from 2/27/19 Meeting, Proposed 2019-20 SPSA Spending Plan Spreadsheets, LCFF and Title 1 Funding/Expense Breakdown.

    1) Call Meeting to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:28pm by Chairperson Gabrielle Gutierrez.

    2) Public Comments: None,.

    3) Review and approval of minutes from February 27th, 2019 School Site Council meeting: The minutes from the February 27th, 2019 meeting were reviewed by the council. Brian Hendra presented a motion to approve the February 27 th, 2019 minutes as presented with Lawna Noble seconding the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved by the council.

    4) Review 2019-20 SPSA Goals and Spending Plan. Mr. Hendra presented the 2018-19 vs. 2019-20 SPSA Spending Plan/Galaxy Alignment sheet showing the difference in money allocated for 2018-19 and 2019-20. For 2019-20 we have received $29,590 less in Title 1 funds and $37655 less in LCAP funds when compares to 2018-19. Clearly cuts will have to be made. He mentioned that he would like to add $25,000 in AP Testing Fees to Title 1 and $5,000 in Freshman Orientation to LCAP. With this in mind the council went through each line item and decided what to cut given that we cannot cut salary and benefits for staff.

    Title 1 – The following areas were cut; Extra Duty cut by $13,585.00, Materials & Supplies was cut by $4,089.00, Technology was cut by $25,819.00, Professional Development was cut by $9,763.00, Substitutes were cut by $4,750.00, On Line Subscriptions and Licenses were cut by $2,000.00 and the Peer to Peer Counseling program was completely defunded..

    Title 1 Parent Involvement – Materials & Supplies were cut by $734.00 due to the allocation decrease.

    LCFF – The following areas were cut; Professional Development was cut by $5,000.00, Technology was cut by $5,000.00, Academic and Attendance Awards was cut by $4.950.00, The Cambio Group consultation services expense was cut by $7,000.00, AVID program support was cut by $1,500.00, Ophelia Project support was cut by $1,500.00, Bus Passes were cut by $967.00, Art Supplies was cut by $4,000.00, The Chicago license purchase and Materials for assemblies (Sound System) from the 2018-19 SPSA was eliminated completely as they were purchased with 2018-19 funds,

    5) Approve 2019-20 SPSA Goals and Spending Plan. Dee Dee Wilson Barton presented a motion to approve the 2019-20 SPSA Goals and Spending Plan as discussed in Item 5 as presented with Lawna Noble seconding the motion. The 2019-20 SPSA Goals and Spending Plan was unanimously approved by the council.


    6) End of Year 2018-19 LCFF & Title 1 Budget Review. The up to date financials were provided to the council listing all expenses from LCFF and Title 1 funds. We are almost completely spent out of both funds.

    7) Panorama Survey Results: Mr. Hendra briefly went over the Panorama Survey student results. According to the survey results, students don’t feel safe on campus, staff doesn’t care about kids, students don’t know how to negotiate the system, and communication is not readily available. Mr. Hendra has reserved funding in LCFF funds for Freshmen Orientation in hopes of alleviating some of these issues. For Freshmen Orientation (August 1 st & 2nd, 2019) we are planning on having Freshmen Teachers show up to school one of the days to be able to meet with students. We will also have Administration, Security, Counselors and PSPD available as well. Teachers need to be better trained at mass communication with the parents of their students. There are teachers that communicate directly with parents via email giving parents on information on weekly activities going on in their classrooms. This invites two way communications between teachers and parents. An extensive conversation n was had about getting parents more involved with activities other than Sports i.e., Back to School Night. Mr. Hendra would like to have a meeting with a group of parents before next year to discuss why they don’t come to Back to School Night.

    8) The meeting was adjourned at 1:13pm by Chairwoman Gabrielle Gutierrez.

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  • SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2019 Agenda

    Posted by Richard Haga on 9/1/2019


    Palm Springs High School

    School Site Council

    September 17th, 2019
     Room 303
    3:15 P.M.


    Administration                                   PSHS Certificated Faculty

             Mr. Brian Hendra ____                         Ms. Veronica Silva____

                                                              Mr. Shawn Kirby _____

                                                        Dr. Jason Powell ____

                                                         Ms. Allyson Boylan ______


                        PSHS Classified Faculty

                                                              Ms. Patricia Warren ____                   


    Parents                                             Students

    Ms. Brianne Schuld ____                    Miss Lawna Noble_____

    Ms. Silvia Signoret _____                    Miss Mia Scott____

    Ms. Dee Dee Wilson Barton_____       Miss Melisa Figueroa ____


    1. Call Meeting to Order


    1. Public Comments


    1. Mandatory Training with Director of State and Federal Programs Mr. Mark Arnold


    1. Review and approval of minutes from the April 30th, 2019 School Site 

    Council meeting 


    1. Funding Requests
      • Friday Night Live Club
        1. Revised 2019-20 Spending Plan
          • Title 1 Additional Allocation of Funds $12,069
          • Title 1 Parent Involvement Additional Allocation of Funds $579
        2. Data
          • Test Scores
          • Discipline
          • Attendance
        3. Selection of 2019-20 Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary
        4. Schedule Meeting Dates for the 2019-20 School Year           
          • Proposed Dates: October 21st, December 2nd, February 24th, April 27th 
          • Possible 5th meeting date to be set at a later meeting. 
          • Potential Meeting start times 7:00am, Noon, 3:15pm
        5. Adjournment
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