The Mission of Desert Learning Academy

    Desert Learning Academy’s mission is to provide a high-quality personalized education that prepares each student for a dynamic future, by creating a community that develops the essential skills required for a lifetime of success.

    The Vision of Desert Learning Academy

    Desert Learning Academy will produce people that have a passion for lifelong learning and a growth mindset in many situations by obtaining the skills to be successful in life.

    Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    Students will demonstrate:

    Critical Thinking by solving basic mathematical computations and increasingly complex problems at, or above, grade level.

    Collaboration by working together through technology to meet set expectations. 

    Agility by adjusting to the online learning environment with a growth mindset.

    Initiative by taking chances, and when failing, trying again. 

    Effective Oral and Written Communication by writing across the curriculum and communicating to achieve learning goals. 

    Accessing Information by linking technology and data to learning. 

    Imagination by stepping out of the box and finding their academic and career passion.


Rising Stars
Student @ DLA