• Welcome to Painted Hills Counselor's Corner

    Your school counselors are here to help with any of your student’s social emotional or academic needs.  If you have any questions, please get in contact with them.

    Counselors and their caseloads are coordinated by the house the student is in. Houses have not changed from last year for the 7th and 8th graders and the 6th graders know their Houses by their teachers.  House 1 are students in Mr. Mckee and Mrs. Martinez; House 2 students have Ms. Marruffo and Ms. Bobro; House 3 teachers are Ms. Withers and Ms. McIntyre and House 4 teachers are Ms. Pattison and Ms. Leroux.  If you have any questions about which house your child is in, please ask them or email the counselors and we will be glad to fill you all in.  If students need to see the counselors, they need to go to the Painted Hills Middle School website and press the link for “need to see your school counselor” and follow the directions.  Parents can use the same process or they can email or phone their child’s counselor.

    Any parent can get access to Parent Vue which is the same as Student Vue, but you will have your own activation code.  Please call or email the counselors or the front office to get your code.  We also want your child to know about Sprigeo.  It is a report that any student can use if they feel they are being bullied by others or if they see other students doing the bullying to someone else.  It is an anonymous source they can use.  Those are just two areas that can be found on the website under Student.

    Finally I want to leave you with a few thoughts about how to help your child succeed in school…1) Stay involved and feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns. 2) Ask your children about school and encourage them to talk about their day. 3) Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep and is ready for school each day 4) Do not talk negatively about your child’s teacher or school.  5) Teach your child to be responsible for their actions and their schoolwork. 
    Don’t forget your children need you to help them stay on the correct road and drive forward at a safe and easy speed.  Enjoy the school year.  It is only going to get better.

    Mrs. Amy Lond

    Mr. Octavio Medina