• Counseling Services

  • The counseling department has an "open door" policy where any student can seek help when in need. We offer counseling services in the following areas:


    Self Referral

    Students may fill out a "Student Request Form" to see any of the counselors.  Request forms are located in the main office.  Students will be called out of class when convenient to meet with the counselor. 

    Teacher Referral

    Students may be be referred by any teacher or administrator on campus to see one of the counselors.  The counselor will call the student out of class.

    Group Counseling

    Often students who are struggling with the same issues will be invited to join group counseling sessions.  Group counseling is confidential and students typically meet once a week for 6-10 sessions to discuss relevant issues.  Group counseling is often offered for the following topics:  Anger Management, Self Esteem, and Grief or Loss of a Loved One.