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Risk Management


Risk Management


No Plug-in Air Freshners

Click to view - Hazard Communication Regulations

Effective immediately, all employees are no longer permitted to bring cleaning supplies and chemicals from home.  In an attempt to comply with the Hazard Communication Regulation, cleaning supplies will be provided by the district, in a properly labeled container.


Safety Orders Notice 

If you are in need of cleaning supplies for your classroom, the site custodian can provide you with cleaning supplies from the custodial stock, in a properly labeled container.

If a cleaning supply/chemical is needed, which cannot be obtained from the custodian, you will need to seek authorization from the site administrator.  This will allow the district to obtain and post the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals on site.

Any personal cleaning supplies/chemicals identified after October 15, 2014, will be confiscated, and given to the site administrator for disposal.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.  Should you have any questions and or concerns, you may contact           Renee Brunelle, Director of Risk Management at (760) 416-6191.