• PSUSD has free online tutoring for students in math as well as other subjects.  All students are registered in the free tutoring service. All they need to do is sign in!  Below are instructions and information from Jasmine, our rep.

    Login instructions for STUDENTS 

    Login to Clever Dashboard OR Visit the website www.fevtutor.com

    • Students should see an FEV Tutor icon in their Clever Dashboard. When clicked on, this should take them directly to their FEV Tutor student dashboard. If for any reason this doesn’t work, students may login using their username and password.
    • Username: studentid@psusd.us
    • Password: Birthday (mmddyyyy) - exclude zeros before the month/day
      • Example: If student ID is 1315009856 and the DOB is 08/03/2006, then the 

    Types of Instruction & How to schedule

    1. Weekly Targeted Instruction- Students work with their tutor on a Targeted Learning Plan created by FEV Tutor instructors. FEV provides students with a pre-test that they can take right in the dashboard before they start tutoring. This helps us to create individualized learning plans for the students based on their areas of need. Teachers, parents, or students can set up a student tutoring schedule using this link:


    1. On-Demand Homework Support- Students bring their work or question to a tutor at the exact time they need help. Students can access tutoring On Demand by clicking "Request an On-Demand Session" or they can pre-schedule sessions in advance. *Screen-sharing & file upload options available. Teacher, parents, or students can set up a Homework Help tutoring schedule using this link:


    ***Let Students Know: One thing to let students know is that a tutor's teaching style may be different so make sure the student shares what he learned in class with the tutor before the session so he/she can follow the same process with the students. However, in scheduled sessions, we aim to pair the same student and tutor on a recurring basis for consistency.

    Students and families can also contact FEV directly. FEV has a  Family and Student Engagement Team that works with students and families who tutor from home. They can reach out personally to any students whom teachers recommend to help get them set up with a schedule. The informational videos below will explain a bit about the tutoring experience!  

    RESOURCES: Informational videos: 

    How to Get Started with FEV Tutor 

    FEV Tutor - 1:1 Virtual Tutoring Solutions

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.