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  • The Visual Arts Pathway focuses on preparing the
    student for the graphic communications and
    graphic design industry. Students that are creative
    artistically or enjoy working with computers are
    encouraged to enroll in the Visual Art Pathway.

    The basic graphic design course and the first level
    of the pathway is Contemporary Media. Students
    learn the basics of graphic design, history of printing
    and how to prepare design for print.

    Digital Photography is a basic photography class
    where students learn how to operate and shoot
    compositions using a digital single lens reflex
    camera. Students will be introduced to color and
    black and white photohraphy as well as special
    effects. Adobe Photoshop has become the
    darkroom of the twenty first century therefore
    Photoshop is used extensively throughout the

    Digital Imaging and Design is our advanced
    program where students experience first hand the
    power of corporate identity design and branding
    and how it influences today’s society. Poster design,
    package design, advertsing and commercial
    printing is explored. Students need to take
    Contemporary Media or Digital Photography before
    enrolling in the class.

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