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Benefits: Teams


Benefits: Teams

Teams 1 and Teams 2 Benefits are as follows:

Vacation: For Full time employees, 13 days per year. Less than 12-month employees, vacation is prorated to the work year.

Holidays: Fifteen paid holidays per year for 12 month employees.

Sick Leave: One day sick leave is earned for each month worked and can be accumulated indefinitely. 

Personal Necessity: Up to seven days of leave (per fiscal year) is available for certain personal emergencies (deductible from sick leave).

Bereavement Leave: Up to five days of leave for the death of a family member.

Insurance: Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided at no cost if employed at least 7 hours a day and on a pro-rated basis from 4 to less than 7 hours a day.

Insurance as follows:

  1. Group major medical and hospitalization for employees and their dependents.
  2. Dental insurance for employees and dependents.
  3. Life insurance for employees.
  4. Vision Care for employees and dependents.

Retirement:  Employees working four hours or more per day are covered by Public Employees' Retirement System and Social Security with contributions made by employee and employer.

Teamsters Service Center Unit employees receive District paid PERS contributions. Teamsters General Employees Unit employees receive a portion of PERS paid by District.

Employees working less than four hours per day are covered by Accumulation Program for Part-time and Limited-service Employees with contribution made by employee and employer. Teamster General Employees unit employees receive a portion of APPLE paid by District.